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MYB Money Maker 1.00.111 is a client to be used with MyYearBook
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MYB Money Maker 1.00.111 is a client to be used with MyYearBook. MyYearBook is a teen´s social network that began in 2006. The community was initiated and it´s maintained by teens, but It accepts anyone as a member. In order to use MoneyMaker you should, of course, be a member of MyYearBook. By using MYB Money Maker you will be able to look for and find your classmates in Internet, or your co-workers, or anyone. The program will allow you to sign their vitual Yearbooks, send messages, become someone´s groupie, send virtual gifts and share photographs. You can enter yourself as a secret admirer to anyone, or communicate with some other member that listed herself/himself as your secret admirer. That way you can chat anonymously with someone that knows you, or you know. You can also send virtual gifts to other members, and receive virtual gifts from anyone. Through MYB Money Maker you can also share photographs or videos, and you will be able to rate them. The users can submit votes for other users, too.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s not very well documented
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